• Display is a key element for implementing a mutual Human Machine Interface that became essential by when took place option of implementing it in a visual way even formerly without any graphics (indicator lights= lamps, afterward replaced by Light Emitting Diode, LED) and only recently upgraded with powerful Graphic User interfaces (GUI)
  • Display is more than a screen used for visualizing all process information: display types take naming quite often from its technology used to manufacture it, not frequently from its usage in the field
  • Among industrial applications it is common to use jargon is specifying main purpose as embedded display
  • In the end a display offers a unidirectional communication (using switches and nowadays definitively touch screen over it, such communication becomes bidirectional)
  • Elektronica has at least one brand for each technologies as in the following selection table:

Display Type

Distributed Supplier

LED Display
(7 segments)
LED Display (Symbols)
LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)
Character and Graphics Modules
Custom (S)TN Display
TFT Display with or without Touch Panel
OLED Display
Vacuum Fluorescent Display
Smart Display