Liquid Cristal Display is a huge product family with not only TN and STN, but other technologies improving this basic like HTN and FSTN. It is possible to get many variations starting from the bare glass without any on-board driver, or having character or graphic modules, available with its shrinked versions called Heat Seal Connector, TAB Connector, Chip On Flex (Chip On Film) e Chip On Glass. Elektronica handles quite normally all standard products but in its DNA its marketing and sales personnel has long term experience in providing and assisting custom product designs.

Display Technology

Distributed Supplier

SMT (Surface mounted Technology)
COB (Chip On Board)
TAB (Tape Automated Bonding)
COG (Chip on Glass)
COF (Chip On Film, Flex)
PCBA (PCB Assembly)  

Monochrome Display Technology

Distributed Supplier

FFSTN (Double Film compensated)
ASTN (Advanced STN with a special purpose liquid for extended temperature range in combination with a polymeric film)
ESTN (Enhanced contrast STN with a special purpose dye doped liquid, for compensating light dispersion)
VA (Vertical Alignment for getting a true black background, instead a dark grey only)
FS (Field Sequencial, RGB backlight, no backlight filter!)
Bi-stable (ultra low power)