OLED Displays

Thanks to this recent technology Organic Light Emitting Diode, a credible competitor for TFT, beacuse is a source of its emitted light achieves a better contrast, jointly with pretty fast response time and a wide viewing angle, bring a phaenomenal viewing experience requiring low power. Elektronica has  standard OLED products from Winstar in different sizes and shapes, even round for wearable devices, and also through Pitek there are drop-in STN-equivalent modules .

Winstar OLED Displays

Winstar offers OLED displays as character modules (19 products) or graphic modules (37 products), also available in COG or TAB, with or without Touch Panel. Fast images or symbol changes (µs instead ms), extremely wide viewing angle, slim low profile form factor, high brightness and contrast, low power are main characteristics.


Passive Matrix OLED Display (P-OLED)

Distributed Suppliers

Character Module
Graphic Module
PM-OLED Disaply for wearable devices