Smart and Embedded Display (on board System On Module)

Nowadays even embedded applications fully oriented toward bare process control wants to have a sophisticated Human Interface graphical interaction (GUI, Graphic User Interface) that must be modern and charm.

Unfortunately, to bring these innocent beauty improvements to existing applications, price to pay is huge software efforts and big hardware changes.

Additional hardware costs are relatively easy to determine as impact for this change, but software could become unpredictable: paradox will arise soon to absorb 90% of software developing resources, just for having a nice user-friendly interface.

To keep customer software resources focused on its core business, GUI displays with a low software impact were born recently.

Elektronica offers 3 growing complexity levels solutions:

  • TFT Products with many sizes equipped with a SOM (System on Module) board and as option resistive or capacitive Touch Panel, capable to interact with host through an UART or Full-Duplex SPI. Such boards are sold with a free of charge software for designing a simple GUI but without any pre-configured control object, just images. M series of Clever Display by Winstar is product family like above.
  • More advanced TFT products available in different sizes but equipped with a more powerful SOM, with optional resistive or capacitive Touch Panel, can communicate with any host through an UART or Full-Duplex SPI. Free of charge software for designing a GUI is easy to use but sophisticated bringing control object ready to be used, setting up just aesthetic appearance attributes (size, colour and so forth). WV series by Winstar and LY-TFT series by Yes Opto belong to this intriguing category.
  • Top performances TFT equipped with a SOM, and optionally powered by resistive or capacitive TP, with on board proprietary or Linus Operative System, are sold with a free of charge Integrated Development Environment with a Full Featured Simulator. All GUI objects are ready to go and once designed GUI it is possible to download the object code to selected Smart Display. Host could communicate with lot of interfaces included Ethernet and RS4xx, upon serial and many others. Smart Display by Itron Noritake are best in class solution