(Internet of Things, IoT, specific for Lighting)

Either Tridonic either Samsung have developed solutions for interacting (locally through Bluetooth Samsung, via Thread protocol Tridonc) remotely, other than locally, with luminaries through a TCP-IP connection, jointly with devices capable to Driver LED modules. This is what it is happening to Lighintg when meets IoT.

Driver LED:

net4more driver 50W 100-400mA lp un:c
net4more driver 75W 100-400mA lp un:c
net4more driver 25W 350-1050mA C un:c
net4more driver 45W 500-1400mA C un:c
net4more driver DC 30W 350-700A un:c


net4more sensor 5DPI 14rc un:c
net4more sensor 5DPI 14rc un:c

Communication Modules:

net4more comMODULE un:c-Thread
net4more comMODULE un:c-PoE
net4more comMODULE un:c-Ethernet

Infrastructure elements:

net4more borderROUTER PoE Switch
net4more switchMODULE PoE
net4more comMODULE 5V un:c-PoE
8port driver PoE Switch
PoE driver connector set
uniC splitter & uniC cables