Elektronica has as its primary target being main business partner through which its customers could focus on its core business because among all solutions those promoted are the best in class and cost effective. That is why our Marketing carefully selects all suppliers, bringing or customer base a product portfolio solution in terms of products kit. On one side are sitting suppliers with a long-term relationship, on the other end new comers, after an incubator time window (e.g. settling time) are joint to its standard offer. Lead by Demand Creation means to be ready winning our age challenges, thanks to in the field technical and commercial support, through its sales people with a technical background knowledge, and its high-profile marketing people. Elektronica is pumping lot of energy in the field for providing a state-of-the-art service. To provide added value to its customers, up to date fighting guides and competition analysis are performed, so customers are fully assisted in selecting and choosing solutions and components. Having a truly local to Italy warehouse, with a custom stock profile as an option, it is not a slogan to 100% guarantee next day delivery. Being a privately own company human resources and budget are ruled by “real” market needs and not stocks market driven, avoiding risks typical of public companies where company competitiveness is coming first than customer service.