TFT Displays

This is most competitive wide product family of modern LCD displays called also Active Matrix being a perfect trade-off between compact size, contrast and low power consumption requirements of embedded products with a GUI. There are many varations of TFT standard produxts, like IPS and MVA, for improving it and our brands like Winstar, Tri-T andd Yes Opto have a wide product range and many sizes and resolutions up to a typical PC monitor. Quite popular option is companion Touch Panel, resistive or capacitive.

TFT display main advantage is low current driving needs for biasing liquid crystals, low forward biasing voltages for switching its transistors and short switching liquid crystal state times for acting like a fast shutter. All in all it is possible to have extremely dense dots, pixels, in a tiny surface, thanks to this technology.
Because liquid crystals are not coming back to its previous state before being again electrically activated, as instead it is happening for matrix display technology, neither have to keep its position when no voltage is applied (response time lower than 50 ms or below), TFTs are very fast and no artefacts are shown due to electrical cross talk.

TFT technology of ative matrix array is quite similar to DRAM memory where individual transistor cell is manufactured directly on the glass instead of a typical silicon die.

YES Opto TFT Display

      • TFT display from Yes are available as monochrome or colour in sizes from 1,54’’ up to 15’’ as standard products but could also be requested and designed a custom. Product nomenclature reflects its size (e.g. YTS154LAA is a 1,54’’)
      • Available resolutions are starting from 240x240 up to 1280x800 (10’’ and 12’’) with colours from 256k up to 16M
      • Typical luminance values (from 200nit to 500nit) are standard for indoor, but for outoor are available high brightness up to 1000nit (7’’ size with 800x480 resolution)
      • Many different driving interfaces are available (SPI + RGB, MIPI, LVDS and HDMI)
      • Driving boards are available if needed




Display TFT - Winstar